Be bold, be a success, and change the world.
— Dr. Debasish Mridha


We cooperate with dm developing and realising concepts for recycling projects. The German dm-drogerie markt GmbH & Co. KG is a retail chain selling cosmetics, healthcare items, household products, and health food. Beside a wide range of brands, they offer their own organic brands in the area of cosmetics, food, and baby equipment. They are known for their social engagement and sustainable thinking, and already received many awards for their exemplary commitment (e.g. triple award from GREEN BRANDS).

EKO Fungi

EKO Fungi is an innovative company from Belgrad, lifting sustainability in the mushroom production to the next level. They created a prime example of a circular economy, using organic waste to produce champignons and oyster mushrooms while reusing the compost of the production for further farming purposes. With a whole range of organic (fresh as well as dehydrated) mushrooms and vegetables, this company is truly working according to the principles of the Blue Economy.


The Swedish company Reused Remade creates beautiful textile bags made of 100% reused textiles. The Stockholm based company provides a patent pending solution to turn discarded hotel bed linen into truly sustainable textile carry bags. ‘Let me carry your consciousness’ - With their own designs or for bigger stores individually customised options, they provide a sustainable alternative for practical, conscious, and fashionable consumers. 

Daur Project

Daur Project is an Indonesia based NGO empowering local communities to tackle plastic waste pollution by providing sustainable solutions. The NGO is currently operating in Lombok and Gili Air. Daur is the Indonesian word for cycle which emphasises system-thinking and the idea of recycling what we use. Daur aims to include the local youth, specifically women, in recycling activities to create a sustainable change. With their locally made eco-conscious recycling products made out of hard plastic waste, Daur raises awareness about the tremendous plastic waste issue in the Indonesian islands of Lombok and Gili.

Solosocks™ - URU Design

URU Design is a new Danish fashion company with the mission to combine Danish design with innovative ideas and sustainability. Solosocks™ is a pack of 7 single socks that are different but designed to mix and match, to avoid wasting single left over socks. Solosocks™ are made of the best organic combed cotton and the packaging is made of recyclable material, which can also be reused as a storage box in your drawer.



GREENGOS is a German online platform that provides you with everything you need for a healthy, sustainable, and conscious life. They only cooperate with highly positive and sustainable projects. In their shop they offer recycling, upcycling, handmade, fairtrade, and most importantly sustainable products, as well as organic and mostly regional food. In their GREENTANK they also share their valuable knowledge in the areas life, health, and sustainability. 

BertaBerlin by walk this way 

BertaBerlin are mini pocket guides featuring the secret spots and hidden gems of Berlin, designed to guide you effortlessly though the city. No more running though a city without seeing anything but your smartphone, no more overload with advertising information, but conscious city exploration with BertaBerlin. Their motto: Don’t think, just walk and you’ll discover a whole new world with maps for the much-loved districts of different areas as well as topic maps such as VeganBerlin and YogaBerlin.


The Melbourne based fashion brand Lou Lou St Cruz is dedicated to sustainability and design! Eco-fashion swimwear, made from neglected fishing nets left abandoned in our oceans, as well as other nylon waste. Their amazing designs are realised, utilising the ECONYL® Regeneration System Technology to create a closed loop system. This means, their fashion is not only made of recycled material but also recyclable itself. 


The young eco-fashion brand NUVI NOMAD developed a sustainable, fair, and cruelty-free leather alternative. The PETA-approved vegan leather NUVI RELEAF is made out of leafs. It’s lightweight, durable, water and dirt resistant, anti-fungal, naturally dyed, and free of animal-products. Sustainability meets fashion, with the strong vision to inspire social and environmental responsibility.


SUSTAINABLE IDENTITY is a certification for fashion goods made with respect for the environment, the workers’ rights, and consumers’ health. Their mission is to verify and certify the accuracy of the sustainability claims made by fashion brands in order to facilitate the purchase decision of the end consumer. With the certification as an icon, they aim to make sustainable fashion the new movement that consumers want to wear and push brands to improve their production methods. 

Mermaid Cosmetics

The Australian Cosmetics brand Mermaid Cosmetics (mCb) is founded on the idea of ethical, sustainable and organic beauty. It’s all about what is good for both the environment and the body, because one nurtures the other. Their beauty box cuts out the excessive packaging and tiny portions, and offers organic, ethical and useful products for women who want to look after themselves without overloading their skin and their mind!