We rise by lifting others.
— Robert G. Ingersoll


Together we can create a movement. Our vision is it to connect people who want to bring positivity into the world. With our start-up, we're connecting investors, entrepreneurs, and people who just decided to make a change by bringing something positive into the world. 


Our mission is it to support and empower positive projects. Therefore we provide comprehensive consulting custom-made for every individual project and request. To meet these high requirements, we also cooperate with different experts to create the best possible outcome for your business idea, company, or investment, to spread positivity into the world.

E.g. we provide consulting concerning the following subjects:

  • supporting the foundation or expansion process of your company
  • financial as well as strategy consulting
  • optimisation of your (digital) marketing strategy 

Sales Management

"Energy flows where attention goes" (3rd Huna Principle). The idea of our movement is it, not to focus on fighting against something, but on creating something positive. Therefore, we provide sales management for positive products, to spread positivity into the world and create a change by providing positive alternatives and innovations.

Based on years of sales experience we provide the following services, nationally as well as internationally:

  • comprehensive market analysis
  • investigation of new markets 
  • takeover of sales or general support to increase your sales