We rise by lifting others.
— Robert G. Ingersoll

Consulting & Project Management 

We provide support by concentrating and specialising on three major challenges starts-ups and SMEs are usually dealing with:

business planning, marketing strategies, and international sales. 

Business Planning

  • Development of your business model, together with research including environmental/competitor analyses and financial feasibility;
  • Develop and write your business plan with the main focus on the roadmap as well as comprehensive financial details;
  • Supporting and/or preparing you for the acquisition of capital e.g. sales pitch in front of potential investors.

Marketing Strategies

  • Research elements e.g. environmental/competitor analyses and customer needs;
  • Create your strategy e.g. positioning, unique selling proposition (USP), goals, persona;
  • Development of your concept e.g. measures/funnel, roadmap to build up a community around your company/products;
  • Implementation of your marketing concept.

International Sales 

  • Support for online and offline sales in German, French, Japanese, and English speaking countries.

Project Management

  • Making medium-sized and large companies more sustainable is another way to bring positivity into the world. Therefore, we support companies realising sustainable projects and green ideas.

Additionally, it is a big part of our mission to connect people. Investors, entrepreneurs, and people who just decided to make a change by bringing something positive into the world. Together, we create a movement!